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A unique European solution: the Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD smart card

October 2023 by Marc Jacob

NEOWAVE and AET Europe are announced the joint launch of their latest innovation: a strong authentication and qualified electronic signature card, designed and manufactured entirely in Europe.

A sovereign solution compliant with European security standards

Resulting from the NEOWAVE-AET Europe collaboration, the Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD card offers a new approach to digital security. It integrates the technologies of FIDO2 for strong online authentication and eIDAS QSCD for qualified electronic signatures. This combination guarantees a high level of security, reinforced by a Common Criteria (CC) EAL6+ certified smart card component. It meets European security requirements (eIDAS, QSCD, PSD2 etc.). It is perfectly suited to the high cybersecurity requirements of professional environments and can be easily deployed in an office environment.

A reliable solution for optimal protection
  Compatible with FIDO2 (CTAP 2.1) and FIDO U2F standards
  Integrates a QSCD eIDAS-certified PKI applet
  With a smart card component certified Common Criteria EAL6+
Compatible with major OS and browsers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.)

A unique offer in Europe
The Badgeo FIDO2 + QSCD card allows strong authentication and a qualified electronic signature dedicated to professionals in health, law (lawyers, notaries, etc.), the public service and others requiring very high levels of security. It can be inserted directly into a PC, laptop or tablet, or connected via the USB-A or USB-C port of a smart card reader.

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