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42Crunch launched API Capture

October 2023 by Marc Jacob

42Crunch the API Security platform vendor, launched API Capture, to automate the generation of OpenAPI contracts and API security testing configurations from Postman collections and API traffic. API Capture benefits enterprises by enabling their development teams adopt best practice API security governance policies from the earliest stages in the API lifecycle at design time. This delivers improved compliance controls and reductions to costs and the time taken to develop secure APIs.

API Capture is a service capability available via the 42Crunch API Security platform. It automates the tedious tasks of writing OpenAPI contracts and testing configurations, thereby freeing up development teams from time-consuming design and maintenance tasks. API Capture uniquely captures OpenAPI definitions, testing configurations and API traffic in compliance with guidelines mandated by the application security teams. This makes it easier for developers to implement security policies during the design and development lifecycle and avoid bottlenecks at testing and deployment time.

API Capture is available now.

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